Above is a music video i directed and performed in London south bank which was shot by one of my friends. the track is about life and the situations the younger generation or anyone can go through, When i say things like “its risky on the roads you can get shot for your phone” I’m talking about people getting robbed and violently attacked for their property on these London streets, Whether its a gang of youths or just one person who may be out their looking to steal from people London is A dangerous capital some sides of the city worse than others.

in my opinion life is hell as you here me say at the beginning of the track ” is there any such thing as heaven, i know theres a hell coz were living in the world, I’m getting across my emotions about life as i believe life is a struggle as money is a struggle and i describe London as a hell hole.

The FMP title at the beginning of this electronic press kit stands for “Forever getting Money & Paper”, this is my music video company name.

In this electronic press kit there are images of me a music video and a little animation.

A press kit is used purely for promotion and i have tried to make it look and sound as interesting and professional as possible, as an artist and an editor i take great pride in my productions, i directed this video my self, performed it in front of a green screen.