Eminem AKA Marshall Mathers born on October 17th, 1972 is a rapper. he produces his own music and also is a movie star and starred in his own film 8mile, 8 mile is about how he started off as a rapper battling people from his locale area in Detroit, he lived with his mother and step dad in a trailer, he is the most controversial rapper of the 21st century.


in 1999 he released real slim shady LP which was his 1st piece of work his 1st project, the album done exceptionally well winning Eminem two Grammy awards and 4 MTV video awards. In 2010 Eminem released recovery this album is all about his battle with drugs and his struggle to get back into the music game, he talks about his rehabilitation on the album, the album recovery also won a Grammy award.

Eminem never knew his father he mentions his father in a lot of his songs and displays hatred for his mother in his songs also. his father left him and the mother when the rapper was just an infant so he left and walked away when Eminem was very young.

his mother Deborah Mathers could not hold down a job for more than 7 months therefore they had to move house frequently.

Before Marshall became Eminem he had a rough school life he would get beaten up in the hallways beaten up in the toilet and bulled badly, he was also different to other kids as he had Asperger’s which is a form of autism.

Marshals 1st rap name was M&M which is a play on his name then he decided to call himself Eminem. he then started dating a women called Kim Anne Scott, they both then had a baby daughter called Hallie jade Scott.