Jermaine Scott AKA Wretch 32 is no stranger to the rap and grime scenes he has been rapping for years, born 19 March 1985. Wretch has a way with words in his rhyms with his tricky and clever word play he never fails to make a good track.

the rapper has appeared and fettered on other great Mcs tracks and mix tapes including, Bashy, Scorcher chipmunk and devilin.

The long awaited release from Scorcher is here, featuring all the big names in the game like Wiley, Mercston, Wretch 32, Big Narstie, Ghetto, Sincere and many more. Get your copies while you can!

Wretch has done very well for him selves as he made his way out of the grim tottenham tiverton estate and was eager to make that change and sort his life out through music which he is very passionate about, he takes every lyric and every track very seriously and has a great work rate, every track is a master piece.

he attended Northumabland park community School where he got in a lot of trouble as was not the best behaved student.

Wretch became a father at 21, there was an either bigger reason to succeed for his child, he has performed at a few big events like wireless and Glastonbury where he would get crowds of thousands that want to see him perform.