A marketing strategy is the way in which you get information out to people and a strategic way of showing people something creative.  A marketing strategy is a marketing plan, the more ways you market something such as a product or service the more people get involved, marketing is used for various things for example marketing a site, marketing a product for example clothing and merchandise, when marketing something market research should be used this is a great way to get to grips with your target audience, the stronger the research, the stronger your company or business. in order to obtain the most profit strong marketing is needed.

social media platforms target and reach a dedicated target market quickly and efficiently, material that spreads through different social platforms is called viral marketing.

First of all as apart of my project i am going to be marketing one of my favourite artists, i will be creating marketing materials for his merchandise and his clothing line i am going to be using different types of marketing to achieve different things as the marketing is a very important part of getting people to know about something. without marketing techniques and a marketing plan the product that you are trying to get out there will not reach its target audience.

I am going to be using ambient marketing strategies to advertise my artists, putting advertisements in unusual places lets hundreds of people see your ad on an everyday bases, a good example of ambient marketing is posters in underground stations and bus-stops.

Below i have used one of my event flyers and put it on a billboard, this is an example of ambient marketing this is effective as a lot of people can be able to see my advertisement when there out walking or using transport, ambient marketing is all over the place.

don strapzy

Marketing is everywhere, when you so much as speak to someone about your business and what your offering you are marketing yourself, marketing allows people to decide whether they want to get involved with you, as soon as you talk to someone you are promoting yourself. a conversation is a chance to boost sales.

an effective marketing plan all depends on understanding your customers, customers have to be considered, everything is done for the customers so they can buy your products. You can market things through the radio also through magazines

Marketing is effective for business growth. ways i would advertise my company would be posting regular advertisements in the local paper, as people collect there paper every morning and a lot of people read newspapers this is an effective way of marketing.

i also have a distribution team a team of willing and hard working people distributing flyers for upcoming shows and events to do with the artists our company promote. We also post adverts at bus stops.

My company uses a marketing technique called cause marketing where people who purchase 3 t-shirts or 3 hoodies they get one free of charge

the services i am going to offer is distribution of my artists clothing and merchandise and cd distribution, we distribute these in person with the artist which takes up a lot of time. this is our unique selling point people get to meet the artist upon delivery off goods, also our clothing and hats etc are of the best quality. i also will be aiming to create strong bonds with customers and a good way to their hearts is through good pricing of products if they are too expensive it will put people off and they will not want to buy anything.

we sell snapback hats for £20 pound, also hoodies 35 pound, We have an online store for merchandise and cd’s.


Coke Boys Snapback Hat id05

COKE BOYS black Hoodie-1200x1200

i am going to be creating visuals to advertise my artist. my marketing strategy is too make my advertisements and make my artist go viral i am going to be using marketing techniques in order to do this. a good way of marketing is through social media as an idea can easily reach its desired audience this way as there are a huge amount of people who use social media, this includes face book, snapchat and Instagram.

an effective marketing strategy would be to make posters for a product reaching out to its target audience, advertise is different places and places where people would not expect

I have conducted some research to go with my project idea, below is a building shaped as an Adidas trainers shoe box which you get in the shops when you buy trainers and shoes, this is very effective marketing as it is unusual and looks fun and to the human eye it looks interesting, it would attract people to have a look what is inside and it would make people curious about why it is there and to Adidas’s target audience it would appeal the most to them

i have also researched the different types of marketing are out there and what they mean. My company will use a guerrilla marketing technique. guerrilla marketing is something cheap and weird and unusual. i will also be using viral marketing to reach my audience quickly.

Here is an example of guerrilla marketing, this picture is advertising mac donalds, the road zebra crossing is made to look like mac Donalds chips so whenever someone crosses the road they automatically think of macdonalds this is a very good and effective way to promote.


I need my marketing strategy to be strong and effective, my target audience are people who really enjoy hiphop music and rap, and also people who dress in an urban way as my company sell has and hoodies, the age range i believe are nearest to my target age range are young teenagers too mid 30’s, i have mentioned young teenagers as music these days and the people who listen to more stronger lyric content has changed, these days younger people are listening to rap and hip hop much more and getting into this type of music at a young age.