Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.43.49Don strapzy who is also known as DruBlu is from lewisham South East London, His Name is andrew and he has been creating a storm in the UK rap scene and Uk grime seen, he has fettered on various music channels including the well known sbtv and link up tv platforms.

His very 1st mixtape was Blue Magic, in this mixtape he talks about how hard life is coming up in south london as a teenager with no money and having a poor upbringing and getting kicked out of school. The hardworking teenager released a number of mix tapes his latest one is called Double Or Nothing Where he talks about wanting to progress in the rap game and never giving up no matter what life throws at him.

dru Blu started MC’ing in school, the 21 year old turned to writing soul barred music in the hope of earning a decent living


one of his best singles which he had hosted by charlie sloth was called living the dream where dream where he raps about being over sees in a hot sunny place where he wishes he was instead of living in the blocks of lewisham borough

when Andrew performed his SBTV he got an excellent 500,000 views which kickstarted his rap career, he took his graft seriously, got management and started taking music very serious, Now he has a huge range of fans from adults to teenagers, male and female.

above is an image of one of don satrapy’s mixtape covers, this would really work well on instagram or his Facebook picture as it lets people know what the mixtape is going to look like, it looks very professional also.

drublu insta

Here is What it would look like to market one of Dru Blu’s mix tapes. Instagram is a photosharing app, the image will go viral letting fans know when it is going to be released.

Instagram is an effective way to reach a target audience. A nice strategy which i would use would be to post information a number off times every hour, i would have a promo team to use their time to do this, having people especially for promotion gets the job done quicker and more efficiently.