babyblue april2011

Baby blue is a rap music artist, she is known as the uncrowned queen of the UK , she has released two mixtapes Out the blue volume 1 and 2. Baby blue is from London and is seen as one of the most talented female artists in the uk.

Baby blue started her music making in school and she eventually recorded a song called “i woulda”. this song was inspired by her cousins death which was gang related so she writes alot of her music based on experience of herself and her family.Baby blue has worked with artists like estelle, john ledgend, shystie and sway.

The 1st solo video baby blue did was called sometimes, which was made to push her mixtape out the blue.

Baby blues target audience is young people from possibly 16 – 25, as she is a female artists more women would be inspired by her and would want to listen to her music then men men usually like male rap artists

A music video is a good way off marketing a n artist as it creates the feel of that artist and it lets people know what kind of genre the artist is by the visuals, for example a rap artist would have gritty and urban scenes and shots.

A marketing strategy for an artists music is to use a variety of social media platforms and post songs regularly so people are updated frequently, also every time an artist records a new song its good to write on face-book or twitter that the song is coming or about to be released, this makes the general public engage more and go on the social network site more as they want to here new material from waterer artists.


Above is a Facebook mockup example. When it comes to marketing a brand or something else images and and design has to be considered. A recoding artist may have an image of themselves or an image of their latest mixtape or album in the Facebook picture square. Also in the cover photo area they would usually have something that represents them and the type of music they make.

Below is a mock up Facebook home page as you can see there is a image of the artist and a cover photo off graffiti, as this is rap being marketed graffiti suits the page.

facebook-psd-mockup-580x400 copy